Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Healthy Eating in the Workplace Healthy eating in the workplace is cruical as we consume at least a third of our food and drink intake at work. Eating healthy along side being activity can improve your health and wellbeing, which in turn can improve your performance at work. Healthy eating in the workplace can be […]

Homemade Hummus Recipe

Hummus Ingredients 400g boiled or canned chickpeas (14 oz.) 3 tbsps tahini juice of 1 large lemon 4 tbsps virgin olive oil 3 cloves of garlic 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground cumin 2 tbsps low fat natural yogurt or Greek yogurt a pinch of paprika for garnish Method For his homemade hummus recipe, add […]

Caribbean foods

Caribbean Foods & Healthy Eating

Caribbean Foods & Healthy Eating Following traditional eating habits are essential in preserving cultural identity, especially, when these traditions can be lost when ethnic groups migrate to foreign shores. Traditional food choices and food preferences are greatly influenced by historical events. Caribbean food’s history The Tainos or Arawaks inhabited Caribbean islands such as Antigua, Barbados, […]

CIEH Food Safety

CIEH Level 2 Food Safety

Food hygiene controls are not new 21st century initiatives, Babylonian documents dating back circa 3,500 B.C. proclaim “You shall not poison your neighbour’s fat nor shall you bewitch your neighbour’s wine”. The punishment for breaking these rules was an unforgiving death penalty. Today’s food safety legislation do not carry such a high penalty, but they […]

Banana Appeel

It’s soft. It’s sweet. It’s a widely accepted as a superfood. It’s banana appeel. Super? Can a banana do anything more super than develop age spots? Most people do that sooner or later. Don’t take the banana for granted. Before you next reach for a glossy yellow portion of your five-a-day, take a bite of this bunch […]

Delicious Smoothies

What is a Smoothie?

What is a Smoothie? Typically, a smoothie is a ​cold beverage that contains fruit or vegetables, blended together with ​ice cream, milk or yogurt until a smooth texture is achieved. Smoothie History In the 1920’s Stephen J. Poplawski, invented a drink mixer, making it easier to make milkshakes at home. A few years later Fred Osius improved on […]


Healthy Eating and Mental Wellbeing

Healthy Eating and Mental Wellbeing The link between healthy eating and mental wellbeing lies in consuming enough nourishing foods. Alternatively, consuming foods high in solid fats, sugar or caffeine can make you feel tired and lethargic, which produces further negative effects on your mood and self-esteem. You don’t need to stop consuming these completely, but […]

Food Diary

Free Food Diary

Free Food Diary. Download your free food diary below, to help monitor and assess what you are eating. I good starting point when trying to lose or gain weight. Writing down and seeing what you are currently eating may help you recognise the foods you’re eating too little of or too much of. Free Food […]

Belly Fat

Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Some of our top companies are realising the advantages of supporting preventative health and wellbeing initiatives. But do health and wellbeing initiatives really offer any benefits to the company and, more specifically, how can the implementation of Healthy Eating in the Workplace play a sustainable role in the social and financial development of a business? […]