Healthy Eating Workshops

Giving people the right tools, information and opportunity to change is crucial when promoting healthy eating.
Learning something new can often be the catalyst in making changes. Our interactive healthy eating workshops cover
a range of subjects designed to motivate, energise and educate groups.


Q. What’s the detail of our Healthy Eating Workshops?

A. We discuss healthy eating misinformation and share our knowledge in how to fit healthy eating into busy working and family lives.  The workshops can stand alone or form a continuous programme, offer enjoyable group participation and take away literature. We can devise a specific theme or select from some of our topics :

  • Food for thought (healthy eating based on the Eatwell Guide) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • How much is a portion (what is equal to a portion?)
  • Making sense of food labels (what to look for when reading a label)
  • Sugar savvy (Sugars is hidden in food and drinks)
  • Know your fats (Identify different types of fats)
  • Salt (what’s all the fuss about)
  • Food and mood (Explore the relationship of what you eat and how you feel)
  • Healthy eating challenge (Team building)