What Do Nutritionists Eat?
Oats and Fruit Breakfast

What Do Nutritionists Eat?

What Do Nutritionists Eat?

Listed below are a series of foodie  questions asked to Healthy Eating Solutions nutritionist.

What do you normally have for breakfast?

If I’m exercising early in the morning it will be Weetabix, soya milk with a banana or wholemeal toast with peanut butter. I find this to be the perfect balance in providing energy but not feeling uncomfortable whilst running. On non-exercising morning I tend to have homemade muesli (oats, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, wheat and bran flakes) with soya milk or low fat natural yogurt.  This makes me feel energised and keeps me feeling full for about 3 hours.

What were your most loved and hated meals when growing up?

Having Jamaican parents, we only ate traditional Jamaican foods (yam, ackee, callaloo, Saturday soup, curried mutton, hard food, rice and peas etc) and it wasn’t until starting infant school I tried British foods. So my most loved meal was fried dumpling, plantain and callaloo which was eaten as a breakfast. My most hated meal and it still brings back nightmares is Saturday (mutton) soup. This consisted of hard food (yam, green banana, potato, cho cho) split peas and mutton. For me a film of fat formed on the top of the soup as I took so long in attempting to eat it.  I found the soup upsetting and I would take over an hour not to finish it.  It still provides great source of humour for my brothers and sisters in recalling me sitting at the dinner table just stirring at this bowl of soup for over an hour.

Do you have a favourite cuisine?

Being a vegetarian I like a variety of cuisines which provide tasty vegetarian meals, such as Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Jamaican cooked in my style.

What is your biggest food weakness?

I do like cheese, which can be high in saturated fats. I grater the cheese where possible to prevent eating the whole block and the rest is down to will power.

What’s the strangest food you have eaten?

Before becoming a vegetarian I ate sheep’s heart, not so strange but whilst eating it my brain ordered me to stop eating it, so i did!

Which one, starter or dessert?

Dessert. Why take up stomach space with a starter, once dinner is finished assess how much space is left and go for a hot pudding such as pineapple upside down with hot custard.

What’s your favourite condiment?

I can’t choose between apple or cranberry sauce

You’re in a bar are you drinking beer, cocktails, spirits or wine?

Sloe gin and tonic

Which 2 famous people would you invite to a dream dinner party?

Muhammad Ali and Stevie Wonder. Two people I greatly admire and would like to listen to their struggles and success in life.  Stevie could also provide some amazing after dinner entertainment, no doubt Muhammad would also be amazing as well.

What dish would cook to impress your dream dinner guests?

Starter – butternut squash, sweet potato and coriander soup

Main – Spicy plantain, spinach and chickpeas, served on a bed of wholegrain basmati rice

Dessert – Nutty fruit crumble with hot vanilla flavour custard

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