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Weight management is keeping control over your weight in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

5 tips for Successful Weight Management  

  1. Make a plan of what you will do and when
  2. Choose small changes that you can achieve
  3. Choose changes where a little change has the maximum effect e.g. switching from fried crisps to baked crisps
  4. Record your successes and tell a friend
  5. Turn these tips into habits


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‘Weigh to Go’ – is our weight management programme with the main focus on educating people on healthy eating principles and supporting them with behaviour change strategies.  This is a sustainable method of weight management without the need of a calculator to add up calories or points.  The duration of programme is six weeks with additional follow ups.  Each session involves group discussion, a nutrition activity, information leaflets and the option to be weighed.

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Myth:  Carbohydrates Make You Fat.                               
Carbohydrates (CHO) (potatoes, rice, pasta & bread) are only fattening when you add fat (deep fry, sauces or butter) to them or have large portions. CHO can satisfy our appetite as well as being low in calories. Fats are less satisfying and have over twice the amount of calories per gram as CHO (9 calories per gram compared to 3.75 calories per gram respectively).

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