Student Health & Wellbeing

We provide students with meaningful information & resources for making healthy eating easier.

Improving student’s health & wellbeing helps can create a better learning experience for them, which ultimately benefits everyone. Students, who can develop life skills, are more likely to continue with & be successful in their academic studies.

Healthy eating can help students to develop & improve concentration, motivation & energy levels, so that they can realise their maximum academic potential.

Colleges, universities, student unions & university societies can offer learners a great opportunity to engage & support students to improve their healthy eating.  Our engaging and affordable initiatives (see below) can form an integral part of a student wellbeing day or series of events.

Turn these healthy eating tips into routine to help to maintain concentration, memory & focus:

  • Consume wholegrains (wholewheat pasta, wholemeal bread, Wholegrain rice) which release glucose slowly into the bloodstream, keeping you mentally alert throughout the day
  • Regular eating  will help to keep nutrient & energy levels stable, curbing the temptation of empty-calorie snacks
  • Stay hydrated.  Caffeine & sugary drinks should be kept to a minimum. Good choices include water, fruit juice, soups and watermelon
  • Choose healthy snacks to avoid the temptation of snacking on unhealthy food items. Healthier options include fruit, seeds & nuts 

More detail is in our 5 Essential Student Tips blog:

Are You Planning A Student Health & Wellbeing Programme or Event?

We offer our expertise & our attention grabbing health & wellbeing initiatives. The activities are designed to fit around your timetable in order to be accessible for all students .  Furthermore our activities are backed up by evidence based resources (booklets, fact sheets, leaflets etc), recipe cards & a variety of engaging visual aids.

Our engaging activities can relief stress & anxiety, & form an integral part of your health & wellbeing programme. We can offer bespoke packages or they can can stand alone  & include:

  • Healthy eating talks & workshops – (Healthy eating for Exams)
  • Healthy cooking classes – Affordable quick & easy recipes
  • Healthy cooking demonstrations 
  • Dietary advice – drop in 1 to 1 healthy eating advice clinics
  • Cook n Move VR Game – engage your students with our BRAND NEW state of the art healthy eating game. Can you top the leader board?
  • Smoothie bike – engage students with pedal powered vegetable / fruit smoothies 
"HES were amazing on the day of the event. Helpful, friendly and very dedicated to what they do, I would recommend them to anyone! Rupert also very responsive and helpful in the booking stage which made my life miles easier!"
Lizzie Knott
Vita Student - assistant manger
"Excellent communication with the company. Positive and attractive website. Lots of options to choose from. HES were very responsive in the first instance. They were also very patient when waiting on confirmation. Communication and correspondence was also efficient and friendly during the booking process. Nicky who came on the day was lovely. She was really encouraging and helpful, and the students and staff thought she was excellent. The quality of the bike, food stuffs and medals were also fantastic. The whole package was a real hit with our students – they loved it!"
Mishka Fielding
Bolton Sixth Form - Progress Tutor
Would you use HES again and why should another organisation use HES services? "Yes, absolutely. HES was efficient and on time. The smoothie bike looks and works great with lots of ingredients to make the smoothies. The students had a really fun (and healthy) time!"
Nicole Bassett
Nottingham Trent International College
"I would definitely use and recommend HES again. The customer service was great and Rupert was very informative and helpful. The product was great and easy to use and made for a lot of fun for staff and students."
Amanda Oldham
Volunteering & Events Officer - West Notts College