Smoothie Bike Hire Nottingham

Smoothie Bike Hire Nottingham

Q. Why Make Smoothies with our Smoothie Bike Hire?

A. Based in Nottingham, Healthy Eating Solutions offers affordable smoothie bike hire.  We inspire participants to be active, with the additional extra of practical healthy eating resources and advice.

We offer a range of Smoothie Bike Hire packages to suit your budget or occasion. So if you have a Corporate Wellness event, a promo event, a summer or school fair and you want delicious smoothies, fun and attract an audience, then CONTACT US straight away!

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Q. Is it only the Nottingham Region that Benefits from your Smoothie Bike Hire?

A. The good people of Nottingham have been fortunate enough to have experienced our second to none packages on a regular basis. However, as Nottingham is centrally located in England we will share and travel to your location.

Q. How Does the Smoothie Bike Work?

A. The victim, a willing child or willing adult rides our stationary bike for about 2- 5 minutes (longer if you like). Then by the laws of physics  the frozen vanilla yogurt, juice and chosen fruit/vegetable are blended to create a delicious smoothie! The only way to exercise and get a healthy reward at the end of your hard work.

Numerous adults and children have enjoyed the taste of our delicious smoothies, made even more special by the fact that their effort put into making the smoothie was unique and engaging. Our bike has featured at many schools, workplaces, universities, community fairs and fundraising schemes.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what our riders have said:

“The bike was a brilliant way to engage with people as it was appealing to them ‘how can a bike make a smoothie’.  Throughout the event the bike was well used as some people were amazed that with peddle power allow they could blend their own smoothie”.

“One lady didn’t want to get on as she’s ‘not very good at stopping on a bike’, once we explained it was stationary she had a go”.

“Delicious smoothies, the more you pedal the smoother they get!”

“What an excellent idea!  This makes exercising fun and nutritious too”.

Smoothie Bike Hire
Smoothie Bike Hire