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We provide our healthy eating expertise in three main sectors.

  • Corporate  – A lack of energy, focus and concentration is often blamed on many things, but the foods we eat play a crucial role. This is where our healthy eating workshops can make a real difference. Whether it involves helping staff to eat an energised breakfast, encouraging healthy snacks or brain boosting lunches; our workshops will reassure your staff that making positive lifestyle changes can be achieved and will make a difference to their wellness. We demystify healthy eating and educate individuals in how to fit healthy eating seamlessly within their busy working and family life.
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Corporate Health and Wellbeing Event
  • Education – Healthy eating for children is essential for growth and maximising their learning potential, it is also essential for developing good eating patterns. Healthy eating habits can be forged during childhood and if encouraged, it is likely they carry it through to adulthood and their future family’s lives.  We can assist with all aspects of  healthy eating by helping your school embed healthy eating into your the curriculum with our WISH programme.
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  • Community – We have already mentioned that we are passionate about sharing our  knowledge, skills and resources in healthy eating and nutritional advice.  Well just in case you missed it, we are also passionate about addressing local needs and breaking down barriers that impact on healthy eating.  We  offer bespoke packages for communities and local organisations, in order to help individuals with so many mixed messages. We cut through the confusion and deliver no-nonsense, straightforward information, skills and activities for your community.
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Community Engagment


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