Healthy Christmas Tips

Healthy Christmas Top Tips

Christmas can be a time for indulgence or excess when our healthy habits are pushed to one side, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are a few top tips that can help you be a little more gentle on your body so you don’t start January feeling worse for wear. 

Plan Ahead

By reading this blog, you have already made a conscious effort to have a healthy Christmas. Knowing what Christmas parties, family events and other celebrations you have planned will help you decide how much to eat and guide you to what to eat. If you have a big family Christmas evening dinner, have a light lunch that day. This can help you not to overeat, but still, feel satisfied instead.

Quality Over Quantity

Food and drink are traditionally offered to bring family and friends together in times of celebration. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for those offers of festive cheer to lead to overindulgence. So, go for quality, over quantity. For example at the office party buffet, plan to eat fewer items, rather than piling up your plate because the boss is paying for it! If you know the Christmas cake is mouthwateringly good, pre-plan to eat less savoury snacks. By focussing on the very best, truly delicious items and eating them mindfully, you’ll genuinely enjoy your choices – rather than trying to eat everything because your boss is paying. 

Fill Up On Protein And Fibre 

A good way to combat overeating during the festive season is to make sure your meals and snacks contain good sources of protein and fibre. Rich sources of protein and fibre will keep you feeling satisfied and full for longer. This way, you won’t be as likely to overeat and it will be easier to keep portions in check when you go to enjoy seasonal treats that aren’t so healthy.

Various Nuts
Various Nuts

Nuts would be an excellent snack choice. They are a crunchy, indulgent food that is a good source of fibre and complete plant protein (providing all nine essential amino acids) a combination of nutrients that can help keep you fuller longer.

Stay Hydrated

Mulled wine, whiskey, White rum, Guinness Punch, gin and tonic there’s plenty to tempt you during the festive season. Alcohol units and calories can really mount up over Christmas, so try to keep tabs on what you’re drinking and drink plenty of water between alcoholic drinks.

Squeeze In Some Exercise

You don’t have to commit to hours of exercise during the season of joy, but you can keep your weight down if you fit in a few workouts a week. Each workout can be as short as 15 minutes and can keep the pounds off for the New Year. Winter walks with the family can be a refreshing way to speed up digestion after the big dinner.

 Keep Your Food Safe

Falling ill from Christmas celebrations is no one’s idea of welcoming in the New Year. However, there are an estimated 1 million food poisoning cases over Christmas in the UK. 

There are a few basic Food Safety you can principles you can use to avoid getting yourself or your family sick. 


  • Before preparing food to wash your hands, chopping boards and all utensils.
  • Use hot soapy water to kill bacteria and preferably let them air dry, not with a towel.


  • When cooking food, especially chicken, make sure the juices run clear once cooked.
  • If you reheat food, reheat until it’s steaming.


  • Keep raw and cooked food separate in the fridge.
  • Don’t leave food sitting out on the side.
  • Put cooked meat in the fridge as soon as possible to stop bacteria from growing.
Healthy Christmas Tips
Healthy Christmas Tips