Cupboard Essentials

When money is short, and the cupboards are bare, you can still live healthy, salt, sugar, fat and calories beware, whether help comes through a food bank, or family, agency or a friend, God wants us fit and healthy, let nutrition win in the end.

Non- Perishable Healthy Eating Cupboard Essentials

Canned vegetables – carrots, peas, mixed vegetables, sweetcorn, tomatoes and tomato puree. Canned vegetables count towards your 5-A-DAY and are often cheaper than fresh whilst still providing similar nutritional value to fresh vegetables. If you have a dented or bulging can, throw it away!

Canned fish – mackerel, pilchards, salmon and sardines are cheaper than fresh fish, far easier to store and an excellent protein source.

Grains and cereals – wholemeal pasta, wholegrain rice, couscous, noodles and oats provide slow releasing energy.

  • Pasta is delicious in a simple sauce or can be used in a pasta bake
  • Noodles perfect for a quick and easy stir fry
  • Rice can be served alongside a vegetable curry
  • Ready in a few minutes and taste good with roasted vegetables
  • Oats porridge provides the perfect quick and filling breakfast


Herbs and Spices – chilli powder, curry powder, mixed herbs, mixed spice and black pepper. By using herbs and spices you can add more flavour to food rather than adding salt.

Pulses – beans, chickpeas and lentils good sources of protein which are perfect for adding to a curry, chilli or bulking out a dish.

Snacks – dried fruit, nuts, seeds and canned fruit. As well as being healthy snacks these items can be added to your breakfast and dishes such as couscous, salads and stir fries.