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Healthy Eating in the Workplace

Some of our top companies are realising the advantages of supporting preventative health and wellbeing initiatives. But do health and wellbeing initiatives really offer any benefits to the company and, more specifically, how can the implementation of Healthy Eating in the Workplace play a sustainable role in the social and financial development of a business?

For employers, a focus on health and wellbeing of their workforce can provide greater productivity and help attract and retain new talent. Obviously, harder working employees equates into quality results and a higher percentage of deadlines being reached.

However, some believe that implementing these types of schemes may be costly and the main challenge clearly lies in the ROI. Providing each employee with an extra day off every week to visit the gym would definitely produce healthier employees but this would drastically cut down the business resources and may not be the rational way to proceed. So specifically which wellbeing initiatives are most applicable, sustainable and will provide a business with the highest positive output both financially and socially?

Whatever the lifestyle, something that all employees have in common is that they require energy, taken in the form of food. With the modern day of hectic work hours and crazy commuting, we see more and more employees skipping breakfast and lunch, and relying on cup filled caffeine fixes or sugary snack boosts to get them through the day. More often than not employees will feel run down and sluggish after this caffeine or sugar fix as worn off, which negatively impacts upon their quality and production of work.

In addition, an employee’s immune system can become depleted by the lack of necessary nutrients, required to support immunity, resulting in sick days. In turn this negatively impacts financially upon a business, it has been estimated that the average cost of sickness per employee is £78 per day! It seems obvious that the impact of our eating patterns can have on an employee’s wellbeing and performance is phenomenal and is the most financially rational lifestyle factor for employers to combat.

Healthy Eating Solutions deliver initiatives that can make a real difference to your workplace. Depending on the selective initiative, our initiatives, average cost per employee can equate to as little as £5.00. Whether it’s providing employees an inspiring and tasty cooking demonstration, offering the fun and engaging healthy eating workshops or creating delicious smoothies on our amazing Smoothie Bike, the challenge is a lot easier than it may appear. Many employees already hold the ambition to change their eating pattern but are waiting on the guidance and motivation to put this ambition into practise, give them this opportunity and they will relish in it!

Healthy Cooking Demo

Healthy Cooking Demo

The bottom line is a business with health and wellbeing initiatives is the key to maximising employee performance and ‘healthy eating’ initiatives appeal to every member of staff, no matter what their level of employment or lifestyle. Offering employees healthy food choices, education or quite simply the motivation to help them make these choices would be an inspired, flexible and financially rational business decision; after all healthy employees equate to healthy profits.

Sophie Lester.

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