COOK 'N' Move VR

Cook ‘N’ Move is our brand new fun, interactive and exclusive virtual reality (VR) game and now available to hire.
Using the Vive headset the user is immersed into our Healthy Eating Solutions kitchen where they are the chef! There are three levels choices with varying difficulties – once chosen the player is awarded points for avoiding any allergens, bashing away any unhealthy ingredients and collecting healthy ingredients required for the chosen recipe.
Their score and calories brunt whilst playing the game are then calculated.

Healthy Eating Solutions

Educational & Mindfulness

Cook 'N' Move works well alongside our other healthy eating initiatives, reinforcing the importance of healthy eating and keeping active. Research has shown VR gaming can help with anxiety and reduce stress levels.

Healthy Eating Solutions

Engaging People

Getting people engaged at an event is often a challenge. We offer the new and exciting technology of VR that engages your body, eyes and ears .

Healthy Eating Solutions

Fun For Everyone

We specifically designed Cook 'N' Move to be suitable for a wide range of events from corporate, community, school, university and wellness events. The game can be enjoyed by everyone with a recommended age 12+. For many users, this would be their first experience of VR technology.

Healthy Eating Solutions


Cook 'N' Move features a scoring system to provide some healthy competition at your event. The highest scorer on leader board will win one of our coveted gold* medals. In addition, they will also take home the dry ingredients of one of the recipes to cook at home. Play for prizes, bragging rights or eternal glory! *Not real gold!

See Cook 'N' Move in action...

what our clients say...

“Seeing the patient on the Cook n Move VR game was the most animated and engaged I have seen her in the six months that she has been with us”."
VR Healthy Eating Game
"In particular the VR game made a difference to some Young Carers who are socially isolated and lack confidence. The VR game encourages the YC's to get involved, become competitive with other participants, build their confidence and social stimulation. I will be including this game as part of YC activities when focusing on Mental Health/Physical Health and diet."
Action for Young Carers, Service Manager
"One of the best games I played for decades, fusing health and wellbeing with virtual reality Anybody can enjoy this game from a 5-year-old to a 50-year-old"
Bash Din
Zum Zum
"Very good game, gets you moving and makes you aware of food ingredients and allergens going into recipes."
Sally Nightingale
Nottingham City Homes
"We would definitely use HES again. The VR experience was very visually appealing to passing students, so it encouraged more to come over and play. I would recommend it to other organisations as the different approach with the VR & fun element really helped to engage students!"
Leah Wareham
NTU Health and Wellbeing Project Officer
Cook n Move

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