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Cook n Eat: A Participant’s Experience

When I saw a flyer for a free Cook n Eat course taking place in Nottingham I wasn’t sure  what to expect, but as a student an opportunity to improve my cooking skills for free was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up!

The classes took place in the kitchen/hall of a local church. Upon my arrival I was greeted by Rupert, a nutritionist and the brains behind Healthy Eating Solutions. Rupert was friendly and chatty with a good sense of humour and a strange envy towards Londoners. He immediately helped me to feel at ease in my new surroundings.

The primary purpose of the course was education on healthier eating. In line with this aim,   there was a quiz at the beginning of each session, and I was pleased with how well I did on  both of them as someone who considers myself health conscious. We also received various  information booklets such as how to reduce saturated fat in your diet and a number of recipe books. I am already putting my healthy Caribbean recipe book to good use.

Then of course there was the food. In the first week we cooked a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. I am not really much of a soup person and am often perplexed at how people can just eat soup for lunch, but to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the soup we made would be an understatement! The soup tasted fantastic and the sweet potatoes in     the soup helped to make it quite filling.

The following week we made carrot cake. Having quite the sweet tooth I was excited about  this and the final product did not disappoint. My housemates who I reluctantly shared my cake with also agreed that it tasted delicious. Carrot Cake

At the end of each session we had made enough food to last us a few days (depending on your willpower) and got to keep the laminated recipe cards which we used so that we could recreate the recipes in our own time. These recipe cards were hole punched ready to be stored in the ringbinders we were freely given for quick and convenient access to all the information we had obtained over the course.

Given the small size of the kitchen that we were using the class was limited to six students.  This worked in our favour as smaller classes make for better teaching. It was also a bonus in that it made for a more intimate setting in which it was very easy to get along with your fellow class mates. This in turn served to create a warm and light hearted environment which I  looked forward to returning to the next week.

All in all, the healthy solutions cooking classes were fun, informative and useful. One of my  housemates wants to join the next one after hearing how highly I speak of the class, and tasting the end product. CI